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I Have Been A Passionate Make Up Artist.

Step into the world of beauty and transformation with U4real, founded by the dynamic duo, Tanya and Shivani. With a lifelong passion for makeup artistry, they have honed their skills as licensed makeup artists and estheticians, amassing over 20 years of experience. At U4real, their mission is to bring out the inner beauty of every individual, leaving them feeling confident and glamorous. Embracing the belief that looking good is the ultimate form of empowerment, Tanya and Shivani invite you to ‘dare to indulge’ in your beauty journey. Discover the real you with U4real and experience the magic of transformation!

Continually evolving through education, mentorship, and collaboration, they stay ahead in the industry. Their eyes still light up with joy as they witness the newfound confidence in their clients after each makeover. With a dedication to excellence, Tanya and Shivani take pride in providing exceptional services, making U4real the ultimate destination for unleashing your inner beauty and embracing your glamorous self.

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